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You want to revolutionize your company and unlock its full potential. You have a willingness to embrace novel concepts, cutting-edge technologies, and new collaborations. You have a firm conviction in the potency of ingenuity and originality, and you seek a constructive and considerate partner to realize your vision. You have an unwavering focus on achieving tangible outcomes, and you prioritize results above all else.


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For business owners

Small Business Owner

Running a small business is difficult. Whether you're a sole proprietor or a small to medium sized group of visionaries, we realize you're open to new ideas, technologies, and partners. Independent Logic shares your enthusiasm for the power of creativity and the potential for transformation.

We create digital experiences that merge form and function to elevate your venture's performance. We always combine intuitive user experience design with data-driven research to create aesthetically pleasing user interfaces that tell a compelling story and maximize engagement from potential and regular customers.

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For agencies


The agency development-team landscape has changed. While your client infrastructure is stable and in-place, development projects of yesterday might not require frequenct maintenance and the extended feature development that you have been accustomed to. Independent Logic serves as your agency's integrated partner — providing on-demand maintenance and enhancement support that feels in-house.

Independent Logic's talent is entirely stateside, with the majority of our team on ET and some on MT and PT. All to make keeping delivery promises to your client simple.

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You are in charge of fitness studio operations

Yoga Business Owner

Choices for membership, scheduling, and enrollment systems that can serve your yoga, fitness, martial arts, or dance studio abound. Making a platform selection can be daunting. Whether you need simple schedule monetization, or full facility management, Independent Logic provides consultative and development services to help you satisfy existing clients and the power and reach to attract new ones.

We provide planning, integration and development for all major health and wellness platforms and provide fully custom platform development.

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You are a pharmaceutical or health marketer


Independent Logic is New Jersey through and through and we know the pharmaceutical landscape.

Combined with our in-depth understanding of pharma, our industry tenure and proximity to the industry's hub, Independent Logic is uniquely positioned to offer pharmaceutical clients customized web and email development solutions for their complex needs.

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